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Conference Themes


Year Event Theme Location
LST 5-7 October 2016 LOCALREACH Unleashing the power of Cross-Media advertising Ljubljana, Slovenia
22-23 June 2016 YST! Conference What’s the DNA of a Digital Marketing Service Agency? Amsterdam, the Netherlands
17-18 Sept 2015 YST! Conference What is Yellow Media today? Where are the golden nuggets? Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 YST! Conference Local Search: How can we make real money in this sector long-term? Bratislava, Slovakia
2013 YST! Conference How do we deliver, prove and offer ROI to the small business advertiser? Frankfurt, Germany
2012 YST! Conference How to drive revenue by effective customer segmentation Hamburg, Germany
2011 YST! Conference Strategies to serve the SME market with response-related products Copenhagen, Denmark
2010 YPT! Conference How can we maitain our share in the SME Market? Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 YPT! Conference The re-positioning of yellow pages Mailand, Italy
2008 YPT! Conference The future of the printed directory Zürich, Switzerland
2007 YPT! Conference Driving Value Zürich, Switzerland
2006 YPT! Conference Staying Ahead in Search Vienna, Austria
2005 YPT! Conference Usage – The Key to Success Zürich, Switzerland
2004 YPT! Conference How doe we maintain our margins Düsseldorf, Germany
2003 YPT! Conference Where do we find future growth? Düsseldorf, Germany

Workshop Themes


Year Event Theme Location
5 May 2015 LST! Workshop Development of Vertical sectors – From listings to transactional to peer to peer Vienna, Austria
2014 LST! Workshop The Customer Journey London, UK
2014 YST! Workshop Anytime, anywhere, on any device? Lyon, France
2013 YST! Workshop Successfully selling digital and online services to small businesses Hannover, Germany
2012 YST! Workshop Social media marketing for the SME market Hannover, Germany
2011 YPT! Workshop Exploiting the underdeveloped website market Stuttgart, Germany
2010 YPT! Workshop People in yellow pages Stuttgart, Germany
2009 YPT! Workshop Sellings leads, not advertising Hamburg, Germany
2008 YPT! Workshop The future of the printed directory Zürich, Switzerland
2007 YPT! Workshop Running an efficient Back-Office Berlin, Germany
2006 YPT! Workshop Selling Online Directories Berlin, Germany
2005 YPT! Workshop Marketing to the Forefront Düsseldorf, Germany
2004 YPT! Workshop The Year of Sales Düsseldorf, Germany