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Managing Director, Creatim, Slovenia


Personal Profile:
Andrej is the founder of Creatim. He makes sure that work at the agency is always focused on innovation and clear goals, never failing to adapt to the new challenges posed by the development of online technologies.
His field of expertise is digital transformation, where he always considers the user’s perspective. Thanks to his many years of experience in marketing, user experience, user psychology and digital technologies, Andrej is able to advise clients on how to make the most of the internet, particularly when it comes to e-commerce. Under his leadership, Creatim has evolved into one of the most respected digital agencies in Slovenia.
Andrej is the father of two teenagers. In order to stay on top of them, he practices the defence art of aikido.

Company Profile:
Creatim is a solution developer specialising in web-based business models with a focus on e-commerce. We help clients to leverage advanced e-commerce technology to sell more, faster.

Companies usually turn to Creatim when they
– Plan to extend their sales online (also B2B)
– Decide to move their online business to the enterprise level
– Plan to enter new markets
– Want to remove bottlenecks in their business operations

Creatim has 15 years of experience with e-commerce solutions. We have carried out more than 400 projects encompassing e-shops, B2B solutions, websites and enterprise portals. Covering end-to-end solution delivery, we can help you at any phase of the project.

Creatim stands by its clients as they build up online services, confront sales peaks and weigh-up different scenarios for future endeavours. Our certified experts support their technical teams or – if required – provide a holistic managed service support.

Creatim works with international clients, makreting agencies and e-commerce teams. Our customer base includes leading brands from the grocery, retail and sports sectors as well as companies from B2B and the finance industry.

We believe in transparent relationships that are based on fairness and mutual trust.