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GotU is an independent technology company focused on developing all-round, effective advertising solutions for local businesses.
GotU leverages on 13 years of experience, growth and success in the digital world.

Since 2003, we help performance driven advertisers and agencies run high ROI campaigns in mobile, e-commerce, financial services, gaming, travel, dating and cultural institutions globally.

We have also been working with Facebook Ads API since 2009. We are a leading direct-response marketing and technology company.
From 2010-2014, we were among the few selected to be in Facebook’s Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer list.

We offer full managed services and have extensive experience in providing Facebook solutions to top brands and agencies worldwide in multiple languages.

We also license a number of our advanced Facebook advertising software crafted for agencies and brands:
GotU offers a hyperlocal marketing solution for retailers with physical locations as well as white-label solutions to companies that support the growth of small medium businesses(SMB) globally.

Other solutions –

SocialAdsTool.com is a premium Facebook bid management tool designed for bidding automation and strategic optimization platform to drive exceptional performance on your Facebook advertising campaigns.
Allin1Social.com is a full Social Media Management Software that includes moderation, content publishing, analytics, benchmark analysis, comprehensive reports and social listening across all major social networks.
Our technologies have interfaces in different languages so that your local teams can work better: English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portugese, Turkish and Russian.

For more information, visit www.gotu.io.