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Product Manager Specialist, TSmedia, Slovenia


Personal Profile:
Creative, at times non – conventional, highly-motivated and towards results driven manager in product & process & project management Jure has proven his passion in driving towards the set goals in several instances, including many off-line, on-line, mobile products and projects, as well as in the area of SW planning, development, testing and production.

Jure has experience in: product & process & project management, strategic and tactic planning, process and cost optimisation; new business model & product as well as service development, team leadership, coordination and in the area of business negotiations.

Company Profile:
TSmedia manages the leading digital medium Siol.net, the entry point to the Slovenian internet – najdi.si, the business assistant bizi.si, the Telephone Directory of Slovenia, the contact center 1188 and one of the largest digital display networks in the region. According to MOSS (Slovenian online audience measurement), the media of TSmedia enjoy the largest overall reach in the country.

TSmedia strengthens its position of the leading Slovenian media house and information broker with high journalistic standards, credible information, always putting users first and foremost and providing premium advertising solutions.