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Personal Profile:
Maria Costeira is known in the technology industry as a hard-driving, profit-oriented leader, with an eye for identifying, developing, and monetising “WHAT’S NEXT”.

She sprints from idea to GO in record time, translating ideas into successful products and profits on her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Among others, Maria founded XPAND, now a world leader in visualization solutions, co-developing a multibillion-dollar global electronics market worldwide; Invested in JiTT.travel, a content and technology company praised by the UNTWO as the “best technology to enrich tourism experiences”.

Started her career at AMC theatres (USA), the largest theatrical exhibition company in the world, where she ended up leading several of its international operations.

Experienced in M&A’s, JV’s, MBO’s and IPO’s. Holder of multiple patents. Oxford Alumni (Said Business School); Stanford Executive Program on M&A.

Company Profile:
JiTT.travel is your best destination for travel guides and travel content.

Our team of historians and writers have created high-level premium historical and cultural guides to many of the world’s most important cities, now available on one easy-to-use marketplace app, available from the App Store, Google Play, and the top Android app stores. Our new desktop platform, JiTT.travel Publisher, allows travel and tourism brands and agencies, and travel writers to create their own guides to share through that same marketplace, creating the ultimate source of travel content.

JiTT.travel offers even more value than other travel guides not just with its original storytelling, but the app’s innovative route and time management technology. The app creates routes that can be customized according to your location, personal interests, the time you have available in the city.

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