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CEO, Trudon Ltd, South Africa


Personal Profile:
Thabo Seopa joined Trudon (Pty) Ltd as Managing Director in May 2002. Before that, he spent nine years in investment banking, with UBS and HSBC as an Associate Director Corporate Finance. His responsibilities included M & A in Media Technology & Telecoms. He is currently a trustee of The Children’s Hospital Trust and a board member of Rebosis Ltd.

Company Profile:
With all the technological advances of the last ten years, the modern small business owner has a lot of new avenues and platforms to grow his business with.

Trudon is an avid supporter of small business in South Africa.
We are also the publisher of the Yellow Pages in all of its various shapes and formats.

Trudon has invested a great amount of time in developing products and services to help your business grow in this new digital age.
We give businesses an online presence by building websites and we make sure that these websites are viewable on every screen in the country.
We create campaigns, online and offline.
From SEO to PPC to more complicated banner and digital campaigns.
We also track all of this advertising to accurately measure results.
By partnering with Trudon your business will get seen and interacted with by more people, which will lead to more leads, more sales and more growth.

Visit our website or or contact us on 086 093 5569 for more information.