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TIMIFY: the appointment booking app for service directories

TIMIFY gives your service directory website the finishing touch: appointment
booking buttons for your SMBs.

With TIMIFY, online appointment booking can be seamlessly integrated for each SMB listed on your website and app – un-der your own branding and completely for free.

That means your service directory can be the first local search engine with a
real time appointment booking option.

Your customers finally get the service they want: to search, find and book
appointments, quickly and easily, 24/7. Customers can book straight from the smartphone app or via the SMB’s website, Facebook page or “booking profile” (the mini website that TIMIFY creates for each SMB ).

Your SMBs benefit from less phone distractions and more appointments booked.

And your service directory stays relevant in an ever changing digital age.

For more information, visit www.timify.com.