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CMO, Camilyo, Israel


Personal Profile:
As CMO of Camilyo since 2012, Ziv Koren drives the company’s product vision and marketing strategy, working with Camilyo customers and partners to build a product that transforms the way online service providers interact with their SMB clients. Prior to joining Camilyo, Ziv founded Mywebees, a small business marketing and networking platform, served as CEO of Cellerium, a mobile application builder company and headed Open Innovations & Venture Programs at Amdocs.

Company Profile:
Camilyo has provided white-labeled, digital presence and marketing solutions since 2010.
Leading digital and media solution providers in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Far East are currently relying on Camilyo as the foundation of their on-line product and services to SMBs. In serving these constituencies, Camilyo has innovated across several dimensions. From an operational perspective, Camilyo has developed an enterprise-grade platform that enables online services providers to administer deployments across thousands of SMBs accounts resulting in significant operational cost savings. From the service delivery viewpoint, Camilyo has built into its platform a comprehensive, “all-in-one” set of marketing and customer engagement features that covers the entire “attract – convert – retain” customer funnel and enables service providers to deliver real ROI to their SMB customers.