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The BEST WESTERN PREMIER HOTEL SLON – ELEPHANT is situated in the very heart of Ljubljana city center. It is only a few steps away from the old city core, Ljubljana castle and all the main city sights.

The elephant is an extraordinary animal, hardly ever seen in Europe until public zoos were created. In 1552, Maximillian II was the Archduke of Austria and about to become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. He was 25 years old and had recently married Mary of Spain. On his way from Spain, he was bringing one of his wedding presents: an elephant called Suleiman. At that time, the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent was Austria’s most terrible enemy. Therefore, domesticating such a powerful animal under that name was a significant symbol.

Maximilian stopped at the best inn in Ljubljana with his escort and the wonderful animal, which impressed the population tremendously. The hotel Slon was later built on the site of this inn. The memory of Suleiman the elephant was still very strong in the city, so the guesthouse, and later the hotel, were named Slon (the Slovenian word for elephant). In 1937, the construction of the new Hotel Slon began by its then owner Mr. Koritnik, in accordance with the modernist architecture fashion of the 1930s. Crowds of local people came to the construction site to observe the new hotel growing before their eyes. When completed, it was said to be the most beautiful and the most modern hotel in Ljubljana.

The Best Western Premier Hotel Slon has been a member of the BEST WESTERN hotel chain for over 10 years. Best Western is the world’s largest hotel chain and connects over 4000 hotels containing 309.000 hotel rooms in 80 countries.

Directions to the hotel

Access by CAR & PARKING:
Guests travelling by car or by rental car can access the hotel from Slovenska cesta Road. Companies can access the hotel to drop off or pick up their guests with company cars. Should you wish, our staff can safely park your car in the garage on Trdinova ulica Street.

Access by TAXI:
The nearest streets that you can access by taxi are Cankarjeva cesta Road and Štefanova cesta Road, or the so- called “drop off” zone, and some other nearby streets. We kindly ask you to give us a call on 00386 1 470 11 00 on your arrival. Our staff will meet you and escort you to the hotel.

Groups with an organized bus transfer can access the hotel without the permit. Buses are allowed to stop in front of the hotel for luggage transfer, but for no longer than 20 minutes. To the hotel can access also minibuses and min 8 passenger vehicles.

Shuttle bus service by LAGUNA, transfer company
The Best Western Premier Hotel Slon has an external partner Shuttle Laguna, which has exclusive access rights to the hotel.

Reservation of shuttle transfer (Ljubljana Airport / hotel and vice-versa) can be done with room reservation and the payment is settled at reception desk. Extra charge is 9 EUR per person in one direction. For departure the guests should leave from the hotel approximately 2 hours before the flight.

Reservation of taxi (Ljubljana Airport / hotel and vice-versa) can be done with room reservation and the payment is settled at reception desk. Extra charge is 28 EUR in one direction for up to 3 people or 36 € for up to 5 people.

Direct contact:
+386 080 12 33
+386 080 11 17
Shuttle bus service Laguna